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A Wordle-style game has a really alluring quality.

octordle is actually rather straightforward. There aren't many well-known five-letter words in the English language. Nearly 13,000 words are included in the list of terms that Wordle will accept. Out of those, just 2,300 distinct five-letter words—hand-selected by the creator's girlfriend to be guessed by the typical player—could be used by Wordle as puzzle answers. This is a tiny decrease now that The New York Times has culled the list of terms for vulgarity and Canadian spelling.

If you're anything like me, which is to say, insufferable, you probably had a hard time getting through a complete game of Wordle without starting to consider how, hypothetically, you might solve Wordle in a way that you wouldn't ever have to play through it again.

It seems like it ought to be simple, right? You have six chances to guess the correct answer, and it seems like you drastically reduce the choices with each attempt. For each letter you guessed, Wordle provides three alternative responses. If your guess begins with a "a," it might let you know that you're correct and the word does indeed begin with a "a," that you're mistaken and the word doesn't contain a "a," or that you're sort of sort of on the right track and there is a "a" in the word, but it's located somewhere entirely different.

So, in theory, Wordle might provide 35 answers for each guess you make. These answers are not all equally likely; if they were, you would frequently be able to solve the Wordle in two tries. Nevertheless, this information should be sufficient for you to make a good guess and restrict the range of potential answers.

So how do you arrive at the correct guess?

Choosing a beginning word with a large proportion of vowels is one of the tactics that you'll hear people discussing the most online. A five-letter word must contain a vowel somewhere, so it makes sense. Knowing which vowels to look for will provide you with a clear starting point. It feels like a very logical Wordle guessing approach when you add a few common English consonants!

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  • Jun 23 2022
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