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how to modify your email account's reply-to header

This article describes how to modify your email account's reply-to header so you can receive responses at a different email address. Only, Microsoft's free web-based email service, is covered by the instructions in this article.

In, enter a default from address.

To change the default From address in, do the following:

Select Settings (the gear icon) in

selecting View all Outlook settings.

Outlook settings screenshot

Open Mail and select Sync Email.

Add an email account under the Add a Connected Account area as seen in the screenshot below.

Choose the desired address by clicking the Set default From address dropdown arrow.

screenshot of the default address from Save As.

Once you're done, close the Settings window. You now have a new default From address.

Modify the reply-to address on

The email application automatically designates the address in the From box as the reply-to address when you send a message. Change the address in the From line to direct email answers to a different address.

Register on

Send a message forward, start a new message, or reply to one that has already been sent.

In the composition pane or window's top toolbar, click the More commands icon ().

Screenshot showing the Show From option under More Commands.

Choose from.

a picture of using a drop-down

Select the email address to which you want to send responses to this one. You'll get a notification at this address when the message's receiver responds.


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  • Jun 23 2022
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