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Difference Between OOP And POP With Their Meaning

The OOP has four basic concepts on which OOP is completely based: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.

Abstraction- It refers to providing essential information to the outsiders and hiding internal details.

Encapsulation- It is the process of binding method and function into a single unit.

Inheritance- The process of creating a new class from the existing class is called inheritance.

Polymorphism- Polymorphism means an object that can function in multiple ways.

POP Meaning

POP, Procedural Oriented Programming, is another important language that mainly focuses on the function or procedure required for computation. The only aim of POP is to divide the complete program into various small groups called functions. These functions work as an algorithm that each of them has a pre-defined purpose. It is a step-to-step approach to break down the task into a simple process. The entire process is carried out in a systematic manner to make the computer understand what to do. Let’s understand both with its definition, later we will take you to the difference between OOP and POP.

In POP, data can move from one function to another. Although, procedure-oriented programming is less secure because it doesn’t hide any data. It uses other notable languages such as C/C++, Java, ColdFusion, PASCAL.

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  • May 28 2021
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