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The Most Important Car Parts That Need Periodic Lubrication

A car resembles a piece of complex machinery with several moving and flexing components. You cannot expect the engine or the chassis without the multipart composition.

However, the metallic moving parts need to operate with each other, and it should be friction less. As two metal parts find an application of friction while they work together, it would be hard to operate if you do not apply lubrication to smoother things up.

You can prevent unnecessary wear and tear to parts, especially moving ones, by just opting for frequent lubrication. You may have a priority list for your car maintenance, such as fixing a flat tyre or replacing a damaged part. These are some things you should be aware of.

But, it would not be wise to drive your car without proper lubrication. Here, we bring you some of the major car parts that require regular lubrication.

Your engine needs proper lubrication

An automotive engine encompasses a jam-packed configuration of various parts. It has a cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod and ring, crankshaft, etc. Such moving parts always require an adequate level of lubrication to perform at an optimal level.

The engine oil offers the lubrication that the engine's internal parts require. It is responsible for managing temperature while reducing the wear and tear among the moving parts. If you do not maintain enough level of lubrication inside your engine, a lot of things can happen.

It would be a scratched cylinder, ragged piston rings, damaged bearings and burnt spark plugs. You may have timing belt damage too. Essentially, a reduced level of engine oil can produce several consequences.

During an active engine, lubrication is circulated through the engine, and there could be several recommendations about your car oil change. Besides, you may gauge the level of your engine oil.

But, it is always feasible to get professional help for a better perspective. And, your car engine does not expect you to do something at the drop of a hat.

As just checking the level of your engine fuel is not enough, an adequate level of oil would lack viscosity. The necessary thickness that keeps the engine parts lubricated.

However, the engine's oil viscosity tends to fall during extended usage. You can easily get your car off the hook with a car engine repair at Service My Car. Our car service includes worthwhile satisfaction as we also take care of spark plug, timing belt replacement etc.

Is your transmission lubricated enough?

How does a car accelerate and slow down? You change your gears as per the requirements to keep your vehicle in control. This is the transmission.

Despite the technology, whether it is manual or automatic, the transmission needs a lot of lubrication to keep its performance at the expected level.

Many gear teeth work collaboratively to manage your car's transmission. Your car's clutch plate provides the necessary administration to the gears. While all these components are of some kind of metal, they need a degree of lubrication to avoid friction for a certain level of efficiency.

The degrading level of lubrication in the transmission always produces an adverse effect. It is a matter of concern if you find either a low level, or severe leakage of fluids in the transmission.

If ignored, you may be in a tight spot for some extra expenses. Service My Car is available with a quick check-up for your lubrication needs and the car transmission repair as per the demand of the situation.

Your car's chassis needs lubrication

Your car is built on a structured chassis. It is designed to move as per your command. There is the suspension that offers comfort for a smooth ride. If you ponder a bit, such functionalities are composed of a complex mechanism with many flexing points.

However, a new-aged car might have more than twenty joints requiring frequent lubrication. Your axles, rear and front wheel bearing, steering ball joints, etc., all need some sort of lubrication to operate at their best.

However, car manufacturers provide grease inputs to supply the necessary lubrication at times to keep your chassis points smooth and corrosion-free. A lubricated car has fewer or zero squeaks and groans.

Such practice also leads to less probability of wear and tear of components. At Service My Car, we bring comprehensive car repair, including a proper level of lubrication to your car's chassis.

You need to smoother your doors and hatches

The car doors need some sort of lubrication to stay on the top of the game. Your car's doors and hatches may become squeaky to annoy you. They are used as many times as you drive to a destination.

While a lack of lubrication degrades the latches and hinges, and they wear as per time and eventually result in an inefficient process. Just book a service at Service My Car. We serve meticulously with a dedicated team of professionals who leave no stone un turned when keeping your vehicle lubricated.

Apart from this, you can get your car windshield replacement or any other repair on-demand. A car needs proper care to bring the necessary comfort.If you need any type of car service & repair, service my car provides you free pickup and delivery at the nearest Car Service in Bolton center.

Preventive maintenance is the key to your car's long life and efficiency. We bring proper lubrication to your wagon as part of our car service. Service My Car offers the necessary expertise to get things done smoothly.

Get started by visiting our website or by downloading the Service My Car app today.

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  • May 19 2022
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