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Raw crystals And stones ideas

This is where science and mysticism intersect: Crystals are millions of years old and were forged during the earliest part of the earth’s formation. I think of crystals as a timeless database of knowledge, because they retain all the information they have ever been exposed to. Crystals absorb information—whether a severe weather pattern, or the experience of an ancient ceremony—and pass it to anyone that comes into contact with them.

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  • Sep 2 2021
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    2 Sep, 2021 05:23am

    All stones and minerals possess inert energy to help energise and heal your mind, in addition to harmonising your body and spirit. While some people may dismiss crystals as new age drivel, their healing properties have been widely used by ancient civilisations like the Sumerians, Aztecs, Mayans, and Egyptians. Even traditional Chinese medicine uses crystals to cleanse the chakra.

    When you say raw crystals, it means they are harvested directly from the earth. As a result, they are untarnished and their innate energy is still intact. They might not appear prettier compared to tumbled stones since they have not undergone synthetic polishing. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.