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Change Volaris Flight +1-800-305-6427

Complicated provisions in the flight change policy may hinder the flight change process. Therefore, to ease your burden, we have prepared a global interpretation of the Volaris change flight policy. Follow this guide to learn more.

  • Both returning and non-returning ticket holders can change their tickets by paying for the change in the Volaris flight.

  • Under Volaris' change in flight policy, passengers purchasing tickets from third-party agencies are not allowed to make changes to their scheduled tickets.

  • If the passenger changes flight through an unauthorized gate, Volaris charges the full fare as the change in fee.

  • Passengers making rescheduled ticket changes without risk are required by Volaris to change their flight charges.

  • Under the Volaris Flight Change Policy, passengers making changes within 24 hours of booking are not required to pay a change fee.

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  • Jul 21 2021
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