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New destination

Before online map appeared on appeared on Internet, people often use paper map. Even if google map become popular, many people still like to take a paper map when travelling. With paper map, you can see whole city clearly. Firstly, you identify the street you want to go, and the place you are staying. Then, you can estimate distance to choose between going by train or walking. Honestly, paper map helps us having panoramic view about new destination. It stimulates our curious mind and start journey exploring famous places in the city. Last year, I came to Vienna first time and that’s so beautiful city. I always put the papper map in my pocket, so I can choose suitable places in my alone travelling.

Of course, I still use electronic map, especially mapquest driving directions to estimate km accurately.

In 4.0 century, we all have convenient life, but I don’t want to depend on technology too much, so that’s why I choose paper map and turn off social network for 2 weeks. I did enjoyed the moments in most incredible way.

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  • Dec 1 2021
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