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Higher risk of cancer among people under 50?- Redcliffe Labs

Cancer is a fatal illness, not only for the one diagnosed but also for the family. Over the past decade, the cases of cancer diagnosis have increased significantly. In India, the cases of cancer reached 23 million in 2019 from 18.7 million in 2010 contributing to around 10 million deaths in 2019 and 8.29 million in 2010. According to the cancer statistics reported by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), in every 8 minutes, 1 woman dies of cervical cancer and sadly, 1 in every 2 women diagnosed with breast risk of cancers dies. This has aroused concern among the scientific community. Therefore, the researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital conducted an intensive study to determine the major underlying cause behind the increased cases of cancer in people under 50 years of age.

The study conducted by these eminent scientists got published in the Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology.


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  • Sep 24 2022
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