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Cookie clicker game

In today's modern life, working with computers is now very necessary, along with phones and computers are applications and video games. Online games are something that is not too strange to us now. Now it can even be played directly in the browser and compete with friends to relax, So what's better. Cookie clicker is a healthy game. anyone can play it

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  • Aug 5 2022
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    13 Aug 08:29am

    Some games are developed to be so complex that hundred of hours are required just to be able to scratch the surfaces. Leaving the story and mechanics out of the discussion, some games make you feel like the keyboard and mouse are not enough, overwhelming you with dozens of commands.

    TGM Gaming Macro, as the names suggest, is a macro creator and editor for users who wish to step up their game and set up additional controls to go along with whatever keyboard bindings are available.